We are slowly working on growing our library of Canva.com templates available. Send us an email at 9centcolorcopies@gmail.com if the one you need isn’t here yet and I’ll make it and post it here for you. – Cassie

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5in x 7in – Landscape Folded Card

Using a Canva Template with an Existing Design
It’s easy to use:
  1. Open your existing canva design in one tab.
  2. Open the canva template in another tab.
  3. Select all elements on your existing design and then copy and paste into the template
    • Front of card = Page 2
    • Back of card = Page 3
  4. Make adjustments so that everything you want to “bleed” reaches the red line.
  5. Make adjustments so that everything you want to be “safe” is inside the green line.
  6. Download following instructions