Printing for Homeschooling

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What form should I use?


Multi-Page Documents

Documents bigger than a single sheet of paper AND you don’t want it bound.

Multi-Page Documents

Single-Sided | Double-Sided Printing
Unlimited Number of Pages
3-Hole Punch or Corner Staple (Max 50 pages)

Pages are loose and not bound


Coil/Spiral Bound Book

Use when you want a book bound into an easy to use sprial bound book.

Spiral / Coil Bound Books

Single-Sided | Double-Sided Printing
Thicker Books than Fold and Staple

Max number of pages +/- 450pgs
Costs more than Fold and Staple


Fold and Staple Booklet

Use when you have a book that’s too small for coil binding but you still want it in a book format.

Booklets - Fold and Staple

Costs Less than Coil Bound Books
Easier to handle than loose pages.

Can’t handle as many pages.
Must be printed in 4 page spreads.

what paper type do i use?

  • Our Standard Paper type is 28# Matte paper which is slightly thicker than most paper you use in your home printer.  On our site the higher the number the thicker the paper.  28# Paper is perfectly fine for most homeschooling materials.  There are a few exceptions:
    • Handwriting Practice – We recommend either printing this kind of material single-sided or using thicker paper.  32# Matte Paper still has a little bleed thru. 50# Matte Paper has very little and works great for this.
    • Flashcards – You’ll want to use cardstock (110# or higher) for flashcards or things you need to “stand up” or be sturdier than standard paper.
    • Gloss Papers: Don’t use these paper stocks for anything you want to be able to write on unless you plan to write with a sharpie.
    • Lamination: We don’t offer lamination because it’s very time-consuming and we can’t do it for less than office depot or staples. We recommend you have us do the printing and then either laminate yourself (supplies and a desktop laminator are under $30 via amazon) or take it to Office Depot/Staples afterwards. We do offer a plastic/waterproof/tear-proof paper that can sometimes be more practical than laminated paper but not always.  Send us an email if you have a project that needs this.

Other Common questions:

How do I count my pages?
Pages = Every side of a sheet of paper.
Sheets = Individual Sheets of paper.

Note: Cover pages count as pages. Blank pages included in your document also count towards your final count.

Some of my pages are black and white and some are color?
When we send a job to the printer we have to specify whether or not it is color or grayscale.  You can’t mix color spaces inside a file.  If you select black and white your file will print in grayscale even if there are color pages.


Is there really a $9 minimum per file? Some of my files are only a couple pages long?
We charge the $9 minimum because of the time it takes to layout each individual file.  One way to get around this is to combine your files into a single document before filling out the form. If you do this we recommend printing single-sided so you can easily separate them later.

Use to combine most files for free.