Starting at $14.95 per Set of 4 Puzzles. Each puzzle is 8in x 10in and has 30 pieces. More questions? Scroll down for details.

Animal Scriptures Puzzle Images

About Inspire Puzzles

  • Small Puzzle Company in Vancouver, WA
  • These puzzles are “Made in USA”
  • Women Owned and Operated


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the puzzles made out of? How good of quality are they?

The puzzles are made out of chipboard with an image printed on top of them. They aren’t super fancy and but they’re fun for kids to put together and have a good bible message. I wouldn’t expect them to last any longer than any other kids puzzle that you would buy at the store.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping starts at $5 and goes up depending on how many puzzles you buy. We ship via USPS and FedEx depending on what the least expensive / fastest shipping cost is for your location.

Do the puzzles come with a box?

The puzzles come in a box with all four puzzles inside the box. Each puzzle is sealed in it’s own bag inside the box.

Are the puzzle pieces unique?

All four puzzles use the exact same die but we do rotate the artwork so that they aren’t all oriented the same direction.

The puzzle die itself is a generic die so most of the puzzle pieces in each puzzle are unique but there are a couple of pieces that seem to be duplicates of another piece in the puzzle.

These aren’t like a lot of online puzzles where all the pieces are exactly the same shape, the puzzle isn’t hard to put together.

Do you sell larger puzzles or puzzles with more pieces?

We are just starting out as a puzzle company and right now we only have a single puzzle die that is 8in x 10in with 30 pieces.  Once we sell a few puzzles we will add additional dies to our lineup.  Stay tuned for more puzzles to come!

The next puzzle dies we order will be:

  • 30 Pieces — We have this one now!
  • 100 Pieces
  • 300 Pieces
  • 500 Pieces
Can you make a puzzle with my artwork/photo on it?

We are working on making this possible but we aren’t quite there yet.  If you are interested in this send us an email at and we will put you on a list to be notified when this becomes available.

Where does the artwork come from?

The artwork is made by combining licensed artwork from different websites that sell royalty free photography and/or vector images with our own elements and text. 

Do you have non-religious puzzles?

Not yet but we will soon.

When we get the larger puzzle dies (see “do you sell larger puzzles”) we will start making non-religious puzzles. In the meantime, we felt that there are so many children’s puzzles that there isn’t a good reason to make more of what already exists.  The children’s puzzles are unique because they combine images with a bible verse that is valuable for kids to memorize.

Why am I on the 9 Cent Color Copies website instead of Inspire Puzzles?

We primarily own and operate a print shop. The quarantine has given us time to explore the possibilities of starting a puzzle making company. 

We didn’t want to make an entirely separate website for processing orders until the puzzle company gets a little bit bigger and can “stand on it’s own” so for now we are processing orders alongside our print shop orders.  This means your credit card statement will show 9 Cent Color Copies as the company that the charge comes from.